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Award Winner!!🤩🤩

On December 7th, 2020 Wisconsin governor Evers announced that Meg's Masks LLC was one of the contest winners of "We're All Innovating", which was held by Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) to recognize and promote the creative ways startups and small businesses are adapting to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Middleton Times Tribune

Smile With Your Eyes

Breathe, talk, laugh, sneeze and cough comfortably, securely, fashionably, respectfully ...and with confidence.

Express yourself with your eyes and show the world that you care.

Made in USA. Handmade by Meg.

How to Properly Fit a Meg's Mask

Quality Construction

Three Layers of Fabric*

First, we start with three layers of fabric.  We sew together one layer of 100% cotton outer fabric and two layers of 100% cotton gauze for the inner-fabric.  This inner-fabric gauze is very soft to the touch.  Your face will thank you :)

In total, there are three layers of fabric between what you breathe in and what you might sneeze or cough out. :)

*Except Social Distancing Collection, which is single layer.


Contour Nose Wire

For a mask to be quality, it must fit.  A proper mask will not leave gaps for unwanted particulates to bi-pass its protective function.

We use an easily bendable soft wire that is sewn into the top seam.  This soft contour wire runs from one edge to the other to ensure a proper fit to your face.


Four Comfort Pleats

Our face covers are hand sewn in such a way as to expand and contour naturally to fit the beautiful curves of your face.  The two upper and lower pleats and edges naturally expand upward to fit over your nose and downward to fit under your chin; with plenty of space to breathe.  Simply put, Meg's masks fit the way you want them to - comfortably and naturally.


Soft Lycra Ear Straps and Czech Glass Beads

Meg's Masks are constructed with soft stretchy Lycra ear straps that float through the side seam for the most comfortable and customized fit.  Each soft ear strap is threaded through a glass bead that has been hand made in the Northern Bohemia region of Czechoslovakia.  The glass beads allow for easy micro-adjusting for a perfect fit - not too tight, not too loose.  The trailing hand knotted ends are unmistakably Meg's.


Please Tell Us Your Story

Wow! Meg’s Masks should be called Meg’s Amazing Masks because they are hands down the best! It is apparent that Meg has put a lot of thought into the process of creating the perfect mask! Her masks are constructed to allow for ultimate comfort from the buttery soft adjustable ear loops and fabric structure to the nose wire that you don’t even realize is there, yet it is! It’s hard to explain, but it is all awesome and extremely cozy! Lol!

I already placed an order for 6 more and I'm happy to say that my search for the perfect mask has come to an end!

Jess P.

I have purchased an additional three masks from Megs Masks, which makes for a total of 8....for our entire family. They fit my children's little faces and they don't complain about wearing them. My husband really likes his as well and is placing another order for more. We just love these masks!!! They are high quality, comfortable and stylish! With masks being a way of life for a while we figured we should all have a few that we can rotate in between washings. I had ordered a few masks from other sellers before discovering Megs and none held a candle to hers. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful and useful product.

Jennifer P.

Hi Meg -
Just wanted to let you know that your masks are the first ones that have actually fit me correctly.

I've been really having a hard time finding a mask that fits, so I'm super excited! Thank you so much!

Julie K.

Kudos to you on work, very well done!!!  👏👏👏 These are beautifully constructed.  I’m so happy to have found you!

Susie C.

I went and picked up two masks a few days ago and already am loving them! They are so different than other masks I’ve been wearing. They are beautiful, very comfortable, have a small wire that runs across the entire top so my glasses don’t fog up and best of all, the earpieces are adjustable.
Living close to Meg gave me the advantage of personally meeting Meg. She’s beautiful inside and out, just like her masks!
I will definitely be getting more and give some as gifts!

Deb B.

Just picked up my masks this morning. The shapable wire help keeps a good seal that prevents my glasses from fogging so much. And the ear straps are the most comfortable I’ve found. Good job!

Mindy S.

I have now bought 2 masks from Meg and they are wonderful. They are well-made, very adjustable, and comfortable. The quality is far superior to other cloth ones previously purchased from a factory. I will definitely be ordering more. Thanks Meg!

Jill K.

Love this mask! I ordered one for myself, because I thought they looked well-made and fashionable. Being a bit of a "fashionista", my husband's nickname for me; I knew I had to order one. My older sister isn't wild about wearing a mask, but I bet she'd wear one of these! I'm going to do some snooping and see which color mask would work the best for her. After my husband saw my mask; he wants one too. So, Meg, it sounds like you may be getting some return business (sorry this is so long)!

Jean L.

The selection of colors Meg’s masks come in is wonderful so I ordered a 
Crown Roost Paprika and love it.  Not only is it comfortable to wear but the adjustable ear pieces are such an improvement from what I have been wearing.  Thank you Meg for making such a great mask.  

Marg B.

Did You Know?

Recommendation from World Health Organization (WHO)

WHO issued a new recommendation on June 05, 2020 saying that cloths face masks should have at least 3 layers of cloths. Meg's Masks have 3 layers. :)


Why Wear a Mask?

Source: Novant Health web site, April 29, 2020

Wearing a mask is the responsible thing to do

Wearing a mask in the presence of others is GOOD FOR YOU and It's GOOD FOR OTHERS.

Wrong Ways to Wear a Mask

Source: New York Times, April 8, 2020

Meg's Masks are made so they naturally give you a contoured fit with no gaps.  Meg's are strategically pleated to comfortably fit over your nose and under your chin.

Other Reasons to Wear a Mask

From pollen to pollution, airport to train station, office to home, and restaurant to shopping mall, there are many reasons and occasions where a mask can protect you from airborne allergens, pollutants and germs.  Masks can improve your health and the health of others.

Airborne Allergens

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