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Meg's Masks website goes live on May 19, 2020!

It has been little over a month since I started creating this website.  Many hours have been spent on R&D and having fun starting a small business.  Getting the right kind of material was a lot harder than I expected.  That delayed getting product made, pictures taken and website going live.  All the while, people around me were saying "hurry up" and "I'm missing the boat."  For me, there was no boat to miss.  I'm doing what I love and believe in.

Even though that quiet still voice in me knew to stay calm, stay the course and be true to my purpose, I couldn't help but get antsy and stressed knowing how much time and money and self was going in to this.  I guess that is life as an entrepreneur in uncertain times.

Still, I have to remind myself that everything is OK, this is not a race.  I am creating something new and different than many of the quick-to-market masks.  I'm hoping to change the way masks are viewed.  Masks are our friends. Masks can add fun to what we wear.  They can be comfortable.  They can be a choice we want to make.  Masks can be an expression and an extension of our unique yourselves.  Masks can make you smile. :)  Yes, even with a mask, others can see you smile.

Side note about stress management.  During this start-up phase and lock-down, escaping to the woods on weekends in Wisconsin's beautiful Driftless area south of Spring Green was a life saver.  We built a big-O wall tent with the help of our good friend Joe.  We have been fortunate to be able to watch Spring evolve over the past five weeks - even when it seemed like it was evolving into winter on some days and really really chilly nights.  Staring into the old-fashion TV (ala camp fire) for hours was just the ticket.  During the day, we bird watched, foraged for spring delicacies, and hunted for Morels.  Not too many Morels this year with cold weather. :(  After such weekends of breathing deeply and exhaling freely, each week started fresh and new.

Oh, another cool thing about creating this web site was that I learned some coding.  Best part of that was that I was able to do it with my son, who is majoring in computer engineering.  I felt like such a lucky mom. :)  Thank you Ethan! 

Well, that's all for now.  I hope you enjoy my website and most of all, enjoy Meg's Masks.  Any comments or suggestions you have are welcomed. 




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