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Monthiversary - Collective Responsibility

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Hello friends of Meg's Masks!

I hope you're all doing well. Today is Meg’s Masks Monthiversary! Yay! It went by so fast. I've received so much love from everyone 😊

This past week, I introduced twelve new beautiful styles! They are must-haves 😄

Today, as many states are opening up, we are seeing spikes in new COVID-19 cases across the country. I read an article reminding us that “wearing masks is a collective responsibility.” It says that we care. Pass it on…

The World Health Organization (WHO) announced on June 5th that cloth masks should have at least three layers of fabric. As you know, my masks have 3 layers 😊

One article in The Washington Post mentioned 3 things that can be bothersome while wearing masks - none of which apply to Meg's Masks 😁

  1. Maskacne: Since medical grade masks don't absorb the moisture from your breath, the moisture becomes trapped, which can cause irritations when worn for a long time. Meg's Masks use 2 layers of 100% cotton gauze, so your breath and sweat can be absorbed to reduce the moisture trapped on the surface of your skin - by the way, it's super soft cotton😊 One customer who works at a hospital told me that you sweat so much more with surgical masks and it's so much more comfortable wearing Meg's Masks. Thank you, Sangita! 
  2. Ear-itation: Have you seen people wearing masks that are too tight and their ears are completely bent in half? That's because they are wearing non-adjustable masks. Meg's Masks have adjustable and soft ear straps that stretch. If adjusted properly, your mask will fit the contours of your face and will never bring your ears down!
  3. Foggy Glasses: Trapped hot air escaping from the top of the masks can cause your glasses to fog. Meg's Masks have a wire the whole length of the top of the masks that contours to your nose to reduce hot air from escaping into your glasses and thus reducing the foggy glass effect.

I keep meaning to post a video on how to properly fit your Meg’s Mask. Coming soon, I promise 😊

Personal note. One of my sons, who lives in Nashville with his wife Meg (Yes, her name is Meg as well) have been visiting me for the last 2 weeks. We have enjoyed camping in the woods, playing pickleball, long bike rides (if you see somebody on a tandem, please wave. It might be me!), home-cooked meals, and just relaxing and enjoying good conversation as we watch the squirrels, rabbits, and birds in the backyard. It has been so nice to have them here to enjoy this beautiful summer weather in Wisconsin (minus gnats and mosquitoes, of course).

I hope all of you are healthy and doing well. Please "LIKE" my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/megsmasksllc/. I'm so close to getting 100 likes! A girl's gotta have goals 😊

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Air hugs and kisses!


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