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Week 2 - Many Small Celebrations


 Greeting at the door for local pickup Cutting fabric working at customer appreciation dept warehouse Kanbai cut fabric shelves Golden/ Yellow Oyster mushrooms

Hello Friends of Meg’s Masks 😊

Two weeks have passed since Meg’s Masks went live. My heart is filled with love and gratitude meeting so many of you and the word-of-mouth that has kept orders coming through steadily.

So many small victories to celebrate… Like, getting my first order on May 19th and going international!

I have so far shipped to Japan and Canada. I have people looking at my website in the U.S., Canada, Peru, Costa Rica, Brazil, Australia, Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, South Africa, Germany, and Austria. I'm sure I'm missing other countries, but this is all I can think of at 1:30am. :)

Getting amazing reviews, comments, 2nd, and 3rd repeat customers, and all the love that keeps coming in! Some people just stopped by to tell me how much they love my masks. Every comment that I receive from you just makes my day. :)

2nd day into this business, I realized that I needed a warehouse to efficiently fill orders. I couldn't sleep thinking about it, so I got up and made myself a warehouse from delivery boxes. Complete with a Kanban inventory system.  lol  I LOVE it!  To compliment my beautiful cardboard warehouse, my friend and his father built me fabric inventory shelves. It's so beautiful, and it's made out of wood and not cardboard! It feels so nice to be organized. Oh, and I purchased a motorized fabric cutter, the "Hercules"! It's soooo nice. Why didn't I have that from day one?!  I feel so grown up 😊 

As backup, I found a very nice local company to help cut fabric for me.  This has been such a time saver, thank you Stewart and Ross, and has allowed me to focus on the sewing and everything else.  Yep, it's still just me doing just about everything, with help from my friend and other friends that stop in for a working visit – kinda like a knitting circle 😊. 

As it turns out, I have not been able to find a company to contract my sewing. There are so many steps involved in making Meg's Masks. When I present my methods to contract sewers, they have all turned me down as they all tell me my needlework and construction is too much work with too many steps.  There is even a cutting operation that even my cutting resource could not figure out with fancy automated equipment.  So, for the foreseeable future, putting quality first,  I will be doing most of the cutting and all of the sewing and quality control in-house.  IF anyone knows a sewer that might be willing to learn the secrets to Meg’s Masks and help me sew, please let me know.   AND if you want to come and join me as a helper, please let me know – I pay in gratitude and masks 😊  At this point, we have things pretty much dialed in with daily room for  improvement – staging, prepping, sewing, ironing, finishing, packaging to shipping. There are so many satisfying steps. Each one adds up to why Meg’s Masks are so comfortable and fit so well.

As for social media, I am building my wings on the way down here.  No idea what I'm doing! As you can see from the t-shirt I am wearing in the above photo, I am not quite young enough to have all that in my DNA.  That said, I am having fun learning.   Perhaps once I find sewing help, I can spend more time on that.  At the moment, please follow, like, share me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest @MegsMasksLLC. Any suggestions are appreciated 😊

Non-business related, I finally got out of the house and went to the woods and spent the night camping in the beautiful hills and bluffs of Southwestern Wisconsin.  On our walk out, I found Golden Oyster mushrooms!! They were so pretty and yummy! I have made mushroom fettuccine alfredo and mushroom takikomi gohan (Japanese mixed rice). Super yummy.  Hmm, I wonder what I will make today? Foraging this spring has been such a nice surprise.  Thus far, I have found and eaten watercress, baby ferns, pheasant back mushrooms, morels, and golden oyster mushrooms. What a gift to have been able to experience the springing of Spring transition to the greening of Summer.  The bugs I can do without.  The Gnats have been quite pesky this year. ☹

I'm pretty sure there are so many other things to celebrate, but the best thing is to see people smiling with their eyes through Meg's Masks! Please send your pictures wearing Meg's Masks. I would love to post them on my website – once I figure out exactly how to do it so that it looks good on mobile and PC ..Haha

Please keep smiling and stay healthy.  Good night!

Your Friend,