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In Aruba hiking 36 km from one end of the island to the other

Flying a kite on top of Mount Timpanogos, UT

Hello World!  Thank you for visiting Meg's Masks.  I am Meg. :)

Born in Japan, of Korean parents, I lived in Salt Lake City, Utah; Hawaii; Vienna, Austria; and now I go back and forth between Salt Lake City,  and Madison, Wisconsin.  I have two amazing boys, who, like myself, love the outdoors, travel, and adventure.

Dancing in Siem Reap, Cambodia


Getting soaked at Iguazu Falls in Brazil


The idea to design and start making masks, that people actually want to wear, was sparked while on extended travel to Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand, and Japan in December, 2019 and January, 2020; during a time when the COVID-19 conversation was just getting started. Throughout Asia, masks are commonplace - allergy season, if not feeling well, transportation in public, and during any activity where air pollution and smell might be an issue.

Taking care of an elephant in Krabi, Thailand

Jogging with a cow in Mae Hong Son, Thailand

The real motivator behind Meg's Masks happened on an International flight to Paris on January 24, 2020. While in the air, myself, and the only other person I could see who was wearing a face mask, began getting harassed by another passenger for wearing our face masks.

 An alley in Denver, CO

Eagle Beach, Aruba

This person went on about how we were "scaring" the other passengers and how "ignorant" it was to wear masks.

Finally, a flight attendant stepped in to quiet this passenger and got her to behave. The contrast of this experience on the heels of my travel throughout Asia, just days before, was an awakening.

Cross country skiing at ABR - Up North, WI

Hiking 24 miles in Catalina Island, CA

While I was troubled by the rude passenger, I could, perhaps, agree with her in that the generic blue disposable mask myself and the other passenger were wearing was less-than attractive, was not particularly comfortable, and they were not environmentally conscious, as they could not be washed and reused, and in that regard, I guess you could say they were "scary."

Cheering Hanshin Tigers in Kobe, Japan

Love eating! All-you-can-eat ribs 

So, it began ...One sample and prototype after the next.   Finally, I arrived at what you now see on this web site - masks that you'll actually want to wear (I hope).  Masks that smile with your eyes.  Masks that are comfortable, fashionable, and responsible.  Masks you can wash (lovingly) and reuse.

My hope is that with the help of my masks, people in the world will gain a positive appreciation towards masks and masks will be just another accessories in your wardrobe. 

Skiing on the 4th of July in Alta, Utah

Excited about the chocolate covered cinnamon bears

Due to limitations of fabric availability and production capacity during this first wave of COVID-19, not every material I hoped to use was available.  In due time, with your support and encouragement, I hope to keep improving the construction, materials, and styles.

Thank you for visiting.  I hope you will like wearing Meg's Masks.

Your Friend,